Online Slots


888 Slots

Slots are a great way to pass time when you’re sat in the comfort of your own home, and 888 games have a huge selection of slot games that ensure you’ll never be bored again.

Winner Casino Slots

Winner Casino is a relatively new site to the gambling scene, but it has really paid attention to what its users want in terms of online gaming, including slots.

bwin Slots

bwin Casino offers a great selection of the latest and greatest slots, with the majority being the more exciting 5-reels rather than the standard and simple 3-reelers.

Coral Slots

Coral already has a number of high street stores in the UK where you can play the slots, but after hours in your own home you can take advantage of the wide range of slot games available on Coral’s online site.

Vernons Slots

The aim of the site is to keep each game as interesting as possible, so you can bet they’ve been busy at work gathering a huge collection of slots which not only have interactive features like video and audio.

Lucky 247 Slots

As the popularity of online slots expands, there are many sites now offering a huge selection of games in a variety of cool and entertaining themes.

Ladbrokes Sots

All the slots are based on great software and are updated frequently with the latest and most popular games to play, always making sure customers have something to keep them entertained.

Gala Casino Slots

Gala Casino really does have everything to offer customers looking to play slots on its site, and has an extensive range of slot games encompassing everything from classic theme games to adventure and fantasy slots.

Club 777 Slots

Club 777 offers customers a handful of slots on its site for free, nine which are updated regularly, and to take advantage of everything they have to offer you need to download the appropriate software and update your Flash player.

32Red Online Slots

Do you love gambling but rarely find the time to head out to a casino and dedicate a few hours? If this is the dilemma you face, then you have to worry no more.

Best Online Casino Slots, Reviews and Bonus Information

If you’re new to the world of playing online slots, then you will see that it’s never as simple as clicking a button to win- why would you want it to be? The online gaming community has been hard at work producing a whole range of fun and exciting online slot machines, where winnings can reach into the hundreds of thousands- even millions on some sites!

There are many addictive types of slot machine available to play, ranging from classic slots to interactive video slots, and you can also play multiplayer and community slots. Here is a quick rundown of the 4 most popular types of slot machine you can play online today:

Classic slot machines

Found throughout land-based casinos in places like Las Vegas as well as on just about every online site, the classic slot is also the easiest to play and therefore the most popular. There are 3 reels on these machines where symbols are spun, the aim being to align matching symbols to win the payout.

On most online slot machines of this nature you can bet one, two or three credits per spin, allowing for a much higher payout if your symbols line up with the paytable- which is usually the same 3 symbols in a row, or a combination of rarer symbols.

Multipayline slot machines

Multipayline slots are created by extending the number of reels on a classic slot machine from 3 to 5. It is much more complicated due to the fact paylines can become diagonal, making it statistically harder to get 5 matching symbols in a row.

This type of game usually gives higher payouts that a standard slot, but you have to be on the ball at spotting multi-diagonal paylines when it comes to nudging, holding and spinning certain reels.

Video slot machines

Played either online or in a physical casino, video slot machines have been around for over 30 years but have only come to be popular in the last 10 years because of microchip technology and the Internet.

On a video slot the symbols are animated, adding an unlimited amount of options for winning combinations- 3 plain peaches have been replaced by 3 dancing monkeys! To make the most of video slots, they are usually 5-reeled and can have a variety of inventive paylines and extra bonuses.

Progressive slots

Perhaps the most nail-biting type of slot available, progressive slot machines have an amount on the screen which slowly accumulates as you play. If you match the regular jackpot symbols on the reels, then you will drop the huge progressive jackpot right before your eyes and then it resets.